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Scroll below to view profiles of single parents looking for help this season. Click on their Amazon Wishlist to help make their holiday dreams come true!

Single Parent's Santa Profiles: As Seen In


I’m a single mom, also an RN who has become homeless and unable to work due to a stroke a year ago. I’m now able to begin working, but had to relocate due to [domestic violence] and can’t afford the cost to get my nursing license in this state (plus transcripts and fingerprinting). I’ve worked hard to be able to support myself and children. I was homeless when going through nursing school 12 years ago and can’t believe I’m “here” again. I’m not asking for handouts or “things," we will be ok without a Christmas. I simply need help with funds to apply for my license (by endorsement) so I can go back to work and then we will be ok. Anything at all would be amazing.



Hello! I'm a 24 year old momma of 2 children, 4&3. They're my entire world, and it feels like I'm watching their little worlds fall apart the past few months after their dad has completely walked out. I was working 2 full time jobs from home trying to catch up on bills and debt while taking care of them as well, up until the middle of September when I went on sick leave - due to stress & with everything going on in our lives my littles need me. They need the reassurance momma isn't going anywhere and it'll all be okay. That they're okay. My children are the type that ask for Grandma to visit rather than a physical birthday present. They [would] rather [have] cucumbers over chocolate. They love Peppa Pig, Batman, trains, puzzles, Legos, board games as a family. They play outside more than inside, they love collecting pinecones. They're just the sweetest little old souls I've ever met & while I'm struggling to make rent & put food on the table. I am so scared to let them down, and not have their two birthdays within a month of Christmas & Christmas covered. I feel really bad about asking for help when I know there's so many people needing help this year with inflation and I wish I could just take away everyone's struggles.

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My name is Jenn and I have two little girls. They are 5 and 9. Five years ago I left a very verbally and mentally abusive marriage. It was the hardest but best decision I’ve ever made. Although it’s been five years, he still tries to control me and is still very verbally abusive. My girls are very active in dance. My oldest daughter is on the competition team. But he refuses to help pay for any expenses beyond his child support; which barely covers daycare. He was arrested two year ago on several very concerning charges, and is required to have supervised visitation. In 2020 my girls lost two of their uncles; my brother from a drug overdose very unexpectedly and my brother-in-law in law on their dad's side to cancer 9 months later. My girls continue to struggle with their relationship with their dad as well as the loss of two people who treated more like their daughters than their own father. Their father refuses to help beyond his required support payment, which is sometimes not given. He is behind several thousand dollars. Which means I am often left to figure everything out. Some days are harder than others. While some days are great, other days I sometimes don’t know how to pay all of my bills, buy Christmas presents, pay for costumes.



My name is Zena. I'm 37 years old [and] I'm a single mom of three boys (ages 10, 9 and 6). My 9-year-old has failure to thrive - hard for him to swallow at times. Dad doesn't help (he has his own life and other children). It's hard around the holidays because this year I had to lose my job (being called all the time for school meetings and most jobs do not care if you have children or not, sadly). But I'm all my boys got - they need me now. All I get is food stamps, which cannot pay the bills. Anything helps - I just want my children to have a nice Christmas...



Hello there & happy holidays! Thank you for taking the time to read our story. My name is Emily I’m 26 years old a single mom of two boys. I have a 3 yr old Ryder and a 16 month old named kash. Kash has special needs and was diagnosed with digeorge syndrome at about a month old but prior I found out about 19 weeks pregnant that my son had a rare congenital heart defect and would need surgery. Up until delivery we thought we would need a surgery at 3-6 months old, but however that was not the case. Kash underwent his first open heart surgery at one week old. He then spent many months recovering before finally coming home. He had a routine procedure not even two months after being home last November when they found an aneurysm on the conduit that was placed during the first open heart surgery. That day Kash coded and was intubated and I almost lost my son. Dec 1.2021 he underwent his second open heart surgery. After another 75 long days we finally got to come home. Kash is dependent on oxygen and g tube fed. Over all he spent over 170+ days inpatient at Johns Hopkins hospital. We are currently waiting for the time frame for the next open heart surgery….. unfortunately kashs case is so rare they hardly ever see this complex of a heart. He will never be “fully repaired “ as he will always need some surgical form of intervention. He is not able for a heart transplant because his left lung is severely compromised and he will probably end up losing one of his lungs but he would need a heart and lung and the drs told me it just is not a possibility. Last year my son spent every holiday in the hospital…. I was there every single day but two days of his hospital stay and was constantly away from my older son which was one of the hardest things possible being a single mom. Currently my retired 78 yr old grandparents fully support me and my two kids as I am kashs full time caregiver. Like I said previously he is on 1 liter of oxygen 24/7 and tube fed every 3 hrs and on about 9 medications. Due to my high risk pregnancy I had to stop working and also going to college… I was a two year old teacher and in school for a social work / human services major. Hopefully one day I will be able to manage school from home or find a job from home as I have tried for months to get a home nurse for my son and have not been successful as there are not many home pediatric nurses in my area. If you took the time to read our story I just wanted to say thank you and I hope your family has a happy & healthy holiday and god bless anyone who is able to support my sons and I during this difficult holiday season :) the best gift of course will just be having my children home for the first time but I would love for my sons to also have gifts that I just am unable to afford right now. Thank you so much and happy holiday to you all!



My fiancé was a recovering alcoholic, but began to relapse a couple of months ago. The difficult decision to have him leave the home to work on sobriety was made to protect our family. He was our only source of income, however, and I am struggling to find a job schedule that matches my family’s needs. While my fiancé is away, my family at home consists of his two teen daughters (their mother passed away this year), our ten year-old son (an angel on Earth who misses his daddy a LOT), and my disabled 22 year-old son (TBI, epilepsy, blind in one eye). The older kids always just want money for Christmas, but surely they will understand their presents will have to come later. My ten year-old helped me make an Amazon Wishlist, though. If you decide to donate to his wishlist, please know we will be so grateful!

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Like many others unfortunately my story isn't very different. I grew up as the scape goat in my broken family. Abuse and neglect is all I've ever known. I grew up learning that I only had me. I looked for love in all the wrong places and found myself pregnant at 16. I knew that I wanted to help others and while going to school realized I wanted to help teens like myself. Everyone told me I would be a loser the rest of my life for having a baby so young. I graduated early from high school with a baby. I worked 3 jobs and have been out on my own since. I went to college because that's what I thought was the right thing. I was preyed on by a for profit college. 69k later I graduated with a bachelor's degree. Working with at risk youth has been my passion. I have held many jobs working with homeless youth but couldn't ever seem to get ahead. I struggled in relationship only to almost loose my life by the hands of a man in 2016. My world came crashing down. I was diagnosed with PTSD and attempted to take my life in 2018. I regret that more than anything I've ever done or experienced. I was sick and had no idea. I was 30 years old before I was even diagnosed with mental illness. I lost everything. I've spent years rebuilding. In 2020 I had to take a job 45 min away. My 16 year old who also struggles with mental illness really didn't handle COVID well and has been bullied all his life. He attempted to take his own life 2 times in a year. After 12 years of being divorced. His father came after me for full custody I almost got evicted because I had to hire an attorney over paying my rent. I spent every penny of savings and still owe 2000. My boy is finally on the mend but we both struggle daily to survive. I have my 16 year old living with me and lost my job in August because of all his appointments and treatment needs. I looked for a job and unfortunately the only option is one hour away from our home. I work 40 hours a week and drive 12-15 hours a week in travel time. My boy doesn't ask for anything and is such a sweet humble boy and deserves nothing but the best, if someone would be willing to help I would be forever grateful. Thank you in advance.

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