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Living the dream at 35, Nicole is a divorced, single mama to Avery (10) and Christian (9). She spends most of her days schooling children (no, really - she's a middle school English teacher), chasing her spastic dog around the house, combatting the evil demon that is Puberty, and trying to maintain some form of a sex and dating life. 

Born and raised in a beach town in Massachusetts, Nicole is a Rhode Island transplant who obtained her B.A. in English from the University of Massachusetts and later her M.Ed of Middle School Education from Lesley University. Between her decade+ in the classroom and as a mama to her own two, she's all but mastered the art of raising children (kidding - she's an absolute dumpster fire who keeps throwing random shit at this parenting gig and hoping it works out for the better). 

After a failed marriage of just over ten years, she reinvented herself, found her voice and spent three years attending the circus that is online dating before she weeded out all the clowns and found herself a ring-master, with 2 kiddos of his own.

Now she's just trying to make sure they're all a bit more Brady Bunch and a little less Kardashian, hoping the damage she causes isn't too extensive and the therapy bills are minimal.  

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